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Online Tools for Office Workers

Rank Goals or Options

The Prioritizer can help you make tough decisions.

Split, Merge, or Convert to PDF

They make Portable Document Format easy. Smallpdf can be used to compress PDF files and do a whole lot more.

Save Paper, Ink, or Storage Space

If you want to print an article off the Internet or save a webpage for future reference, I recommend Print Friendly.

Send a Short Fax for Free

No further explanation necessary, though you can also use Fax Zero to contact your government representatives if their voicemail inboxes are full.

Schedule a Group Meeting

Doodle is a useful tool for scheduling parties, study sessions, or other gatherings of people with a variety of schedules.


Books for Job Seekers

Get an Interview

The Job-Hunter’s Survival Guide by┬áRichard N. Bolles
This book has a lot of helpful suggestions for looking for a job. It was a reasonable price, fit a lot of clearly written tips in just 100 pages, and had a very positive and friendly tone.


Prepare for an Interview

60 Seconds and You’re Hired! by┬áRobin Ryan
Want to be able to deliver a persuasive elevator pitch, know how to respond to tough questions, and create a list of useful questions to ask during an interview? Learn all that and more in about 200 pages.

A New Outlook on Outlook

I learned how to use Microsoft Office 2003 back in 2005 while participating in the Math Science Regional Center at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I’ve been using Word and Excel regularly since then, but I haven’t been able to see the usefulness of Outlook until now. I’ve had to use Outlook during summer research in summer 2008 and work in 2010-2011, but I didn’t enjoy it. I’m not sure if they’ve updated features, but I think there are a few requirements of the work environment that make Outlook useful:

  • working at a large company,
  • where everyone uses it to schedule meetings,
  • and you consistently work at the same computer.

End of Semester, Start of Internship

I’ve been super busy since I got engaged, and we haven’t even done much wedding planning yet. What’s been keeping me busy is the end of the semester. I only had one final (Spanish I), but I did have a presentation for Media Studies, a proposal for Writing Workshop, and a project for Web Design to complete. Since I volunteered to help with the department redesign earlier in the semester, I had more time to work on a brochure during Web Design class to finish off the semester of Community Service. Once I got through all that, I had a little bit of time to relax before the start of my internship.

My internship is going pretty well so far. I am getting to learn new things while using existing skills to make a meaningful contribution. One of my main projects is updating the author information page and compiling additional writing resources for authors. This internship is right up my alley.