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LavaCon 2012

Welcome to Oregon Sign (photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oregon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The LavaCon Conference on Digital Media and Content Strategies 2012, Portland

I will be writing up my notes and impressions in the upcoming few weeks (edit: soon–I forgot how much time full-time school and part-time work takes). Some of the speakers from the pre-event talks were very good and knowledgeable. I went to Adobe Tech Comm Thought Leadership and Networking Event on Saturday and to eBook Boot Camp presented by Tom McClusky. The actual conference itself included five different tracks: Project Metrics and Development Team Management; Content Strategy and Roundtable Discussions; User Experience and Multichannel Publishing; eBooks, New Media and Mobile Devices.

On Sunday, I went to How to Deliver the Wrong Information to the Wrong Person at the Wrong Time presented by Michael Boses and Don Day,  Gaining Value from Global Content Using a CMS, The Three Pillars of a Good Content Strategy, and the Lightning talks. On Monday, I went to And The Survey Says…How Documentation Quality Affects Brand Perception and Loyalty presented by Sharon Burton, Include it All. Filter it Afterward. presented by Mark Baker, Ending the Cold War Between MarComm and TechComm presented by Sarah O’Keefe, and Influencing Without Authority: Applying the Art of Motivation presented by Andrea Ames. On Tuesday, I went to Planning and Managing Translation Projects presented by Angelos Tzelepis, Monitoring Social Media for Documentation Customer Feedback presented by Rhyne Armstrong, and How to Produce Amazing Webinars presented by Sharon Burton.

My overall impression was: food was great, the speakers were great, and the ideas that were discussed are important. Traveling is fun (though expensive) and I managed to only bring a carry-on and personal bag on the plane. The conference took place in early October, and I’ve been busy catching up on my schoolwork, but the trip was well worth it. I learned a lot and met a lot of interesting people. Also, I can now add Oregon to my list of states visited!