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How do I learn HTML?

The answer is not “carefully,” my friend. Research has shown that learning from mistakes works better than playing it safe, as long as you’re not skydiving.

I’ve been meaning to learn HTML for a while–I’ve been blogging since 2006 and learned some basic tags (tags are to HTML as vocabulary is to language) but I never sat down and learned how HTML works. One of my friends wanted me to go through all the details but I quickly tired of that. I have found having a goal in mind (what do I want my website to be able to do?), muddling through on my own, and then talking to someone who knows the language well to be most effective.

My someone who knows HTML also gave me the tip to use Notepad++ rather than Notepad to create HTML files. Notepad++ numbers lines, color-codes elements, automatically indents, . . .; all of which makes code easier to follow. Plus, Notepad++ can still be downloaded for free!

How will I know when I’ve learned enough? Certification would be nice, but probably not necessary. has an HTML Quiz that will suffice.

HTML Dog is a nice step-by-step tutorial. Unfortunately, as of this writing, none of the articles or examples work.
The World Wide Web Consortium (the authority on HTML) has a bunch of stand-alone examples on specific tags and a place where you can play with bits of code.
If that doesn’t work for you and your learning style, you can try one of the links from these resources. offers a free online course on HTML where you get weekly emails and assignments.

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