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Online Tools for Office Workers

Rank Goals or Options

The Prioritizer can help you make tough decisions.

Split, Merge, or Convert to PDF

They make Portable Document Format easy. Smallpdf can be used to compress PDF files and do a whole lot more.

Save Paper, Ink, or Storage Space

If you want to print an article off the Internet or save a webpage for future reference, I recommend Print Friendly.

Send a Short Fax for Free

No further explanation necessary, though you can also use Fax Zero to contact your government representatives if their voicemail inboxes are full.

Schedule a Group Meeting

Doodle is a useful tool for scheduling parties, study sessions, or other gatherings of people with a variety of schedules.


Alt Codes ¡Olé!

There aren’t enough keys on my keyboard! I used to look up special characters in the Character Map, but now I have found a more efficient way to add accents. If you’re using Windows, all you need is a keyboard with a number pad. Hold down the ALT key while you type in the number code on the number pad.

I searched for a table of often-used Alt Codes, and the closest one that I found to meeting my needs was from; however, I found some errors in them and doubt the page gets updated anymore. So I made my own. Here’s what I put together for Spanish.

Alt Codes for Spanish


Alt 168 ¿
Alt 173 ¡


Uppercase Lowercase
Alt 0193 Á Alt 0225 á
Alt 0201 É Alt 0233 é
Alt 0205 Í Alt 0237 í
Alt 165  Ñ Alt 164  ñ
Alt 0211 Ó Alt 0243 ó
Alt 0218 Ú Alt 0250 ú
Alt 0220 Ü Alt 0252 ü

Let me know if you find this table useful and if you’d like me to create more reference tables like these.

Pronoun Reference

I’ll just put these here.

For my editing class, I’m working on an English lesson aimed at college freshmen about vague pronoun references and thought this (Paradigm Online Writing Assistant) explanation with examples would be useful.

Editing Marks

There are so many editing symbols, some I’ve forgotten and some new to me, that I’m having trouble keeping track of them all. I’ve been looking for some tables and these two images (Editing & Proofreading Marks from UC Boulder, Common Hard-copy Editing Symbols from Indiana University) look like they’ll do. My prof promises she’ll bring in a couple of guest speakers who will tell us which marks are most used.

Here we go: The Chicago Manual of Style Online Tools-Proofreading